The Raptors were forced to play the Heat in their Eastern Conference matchup without the 2021-22 Rookie.

Scottie Barnes was left with a right ankle injury and had to leave Saturday's game.

The injury occurred midway through the second period when the forward, aged 21.

As Barnes walked towards the free throw line, he appeared to be walking with a slight limp.

Barnes missed his free throw attempt and Thaddeus Youth committed a foul.

Barnes announced that he would not be returning to the game . Initial X-rays of his ankle showed a negative.

Barnes will Barnes be unable to work due to his ankle injury? Below are the most recent updates.

Nurse stated that Barnes would have an MRI done on his right foot during Saturday's postgame.

Multiple reporters noticed that Barnes was not wearing a boot or wrap while he was in the locker room.

Barnes had suffered from a left shoulder contusion before injuring his ankle.

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