Sean McDermott- Rookie Punter

The last day has been chaotic to fans of Buffalo Bills after allegations were made at rookie punter Matt Araiza.

 Involvement in the gang-raped sex assault of an unidentified minor in October.

Sean McDermott- Sex Assault

After their loss of 21-0 against the Carolina Panthers on Friday when Araiza was not on the field the game.

Sean McDermott- The Field The Game

My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to the people involved," McDermott stated. "That includes Matt, that includes both sides here.

Sean McDermott- Side Here

McDermott was reluctant to go into details and was hesitant to answer any questions that were that were thrown at him.

Sean McDermott- Thrown At Him

 McDermott said was "extremely serious," saying that "it's not a situation that I or we take lightly whatsoever."

Sean McDermott- Extreamly Serious

In addition, McDermott acknowledged that he'd learned facts about the situation over the past 24 hours.

Sean McDermott- The Past 24 Hours

Image Source-Buffalo Bills

Sean McDermott- Do On This


Adding that "there's been some and I'm not going to deny that. And that's why I have more work to do on this."

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