Sean Payton- Head Coach

The former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is adjusting nicely to his new job being analyst for the NFL analyst.

On Kay Adams' show, Up & Payton gave his prediction for Sunday's game with two teams.

Sean Payton- His Prediction

He emphasized how effective the defense is under the direction of defensive director Dan Quinn.

Sean Payton- The Defense

The prediction made by Payton is sure to draw lots of attention because he's been connected to the Cowboys.

Sean Payton- Lots of Attention

With Payton is available on the market and has the potential of using his skills to Dallas appears more feasible.

Sean Payton- On the Market

But it's likely that the Cowboys will not have to think about the idea of hiring Payton should they be successful.

Sean Payton- Be Successful

Image Source- NY Times

Sean Payton- As a Coach

Image Source- AP News

If Dallas has a difficult time this fall all the talk about Payton's future as a coach will become more pronounced.

Payton is credited with his Cowboys winning their opener of the upcoming season of NFL.

Sean Payton- Upcoming Season

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