A former Saints head coach Sean Payton reportedly had an offer from a different NFC franchise.

Sean Payton- Former Saint Head Coach

The According to theSun-Sentinel's Dave Hyde,the Dolphins offered Sean Payton the chance to sign a five-year for $100 Million.

Sean Payton- Dolphins offered $100 Million

The deal would have resulted in Payton only two coaches in the history of the league to cross the $100 million mark.

Sean Payton- Two Coached Earned

In reality, Payton would have earned twice the amount of Gruden and earned around $20 million annually, According to Hyde.

Sean Payton- Twice the Amount of

The reported offer is the latest detail to surface regarding the Dolphins believed to seek out Payton.

Sean Payton- Latest Detail to Surface

Miami asked New Orleans to allow them to speak about Payton shortly after the announcement of his retirement. 

Image Source- CNBC

Sean Payton- Speak about him Shortly

"I have no clue about the Tampa Bay, Miami Dolphin, Tom Brady rumor," Payton declared according to Florio.

Image Source- ESPN

Sean Payton- Many Teams Approached Him

The same conversation was also conducted. Payton said that, if Payton had been a coach in 2022.

Sean Payton- Same Conversation

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