J.P. Crawford was in a unique scenario at the plate for the fast-moving Seattle Mariners after Sam Haggerty took 3rd base.

Seattle Mariners- Unique Scenario

Seattle Mariners- Entire Enfield

Changed the entire infield. There are now a number of holes are open and we're in a position to make sure.

Crawford was able to get Haggerty into the game with the tie-breaking run after he smashed a single.

Seattle Mariners- Into the Game

The Mariners extended the winning streak up to thirteen games after winning 3-2 against the Texas Rangers.

Seattle Mariners- Winning Streak

Carlos Santana homered as the Mariners (50-42) got closer to the club record 15-game winning streak.

Seattle Mariners- Got Closers

They've won 21 of their last 24 overall games to win eight sets in a row, which is their highest.

Seattle Mariners- 24 Overall Games

Everybody's just doing their job, pitching in and really keeping a very calm demeanor about them.

Seattle Mariners- Very Calm

Seattle will be the team to record its longest streak of winning in Major League Baseball this season.

Seattle Mariners- Longest Streak

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Carpenter exchanged a brief salute with his manager, expressing his willingness to do whatever the team required.

Matt Carpenter & Aaron Judge Let Yankees Win