Seattle Seahawks- Training Sessions

The Seahawks sixth training session of camp could be judged more by the sensations and sounds heard.

In the second training session, which included shoulders pads as well as hitting Seattle stressed short.

Seattle Seahawks- Shoulder Packs

Seattle Seahawks- Linebacker

That was a point of emphasis coming in," said linebacker Uchenna Nwosu. "The offensive team won.

Training that coaches consider flawless, it's tough to determine whether the defense or offense

Seattle Seahawks- Flawless

In the most dramatic tussle during camp running back DeeJay Texas was removed from the field.

Seattle Seahawks- Running Back

It's interesting to note that Bolden was also a player at Miami but did not arrive in the midst of Homer's.

Seattle Seahawks- Played for

However, Dallas raced down the field to get to Bolden and this led to others joining in the fight.

Seattle Seahawks- In the Fight

Image Source-Revenge of The Bird

Coaches quickly regained control. However, Dallas was then taken off the field when the session.

Seattle Seahawks- Control


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