Sebastian Vettel- Career Talked

Vettel who announced his decision to quit in Formula One at the end of the season after an incredible career talked.

Dutch Grand Prix about how the team is planning to adapt to living as a father and son.

Sebastian Vettel- Grand Prix

However, the 35-year-old said that the more he's aged and become more aware of issues that don't involve the track.

Sebastian Vettel- The Track

It sounds a bit stereotype, but you turn 30 and I mean, I have kids, so things change," said the actor.

Sebastian Vettel- Bit Sterotype

So also, when it comes to interests or how you see the world and how you understand the world.

Sebastian Vettel- Understad World

I think I've always been trying to see things, but maybe I didn't see as many things when I was young compared to today.

Sebastian Vettel- Compared Today

Sebastian Vettel- Necessary To Deal

Image Source-  SI.COM, The Gaurdian

One of the subjects Vettel is interested in concerns climate change, and also the length which it is necessary to deal with the problem.

Vettel is of the opinion that the racing scene does "not doing enough" to return the enormous profits it generates.

Sebastian Vettel- It Genrates

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