Sebastian Vettel- World Champion

World champion Sebastian Vettel has announced his decision to retire of Formula One at the end of the year.

Vettel has opted out of his agreement with Aston Martin at the end of the current season.

Sebastian Vettel- Opted Out

Sebastian Vettel- Speculations

After weeks of speculation regarding what his next move would be, has declared that he will walk out.

Vettel announced the news via his Instagram account that was created this Thursday.

Sebastian Vettel- Instagram

Prior to the announcement Vettel was a German driver had gone through his entire F1 career.

Sebastian Vettel- German Driver

He said the goal is be able to enjoy more family time, as well as taking on environmental issues.

Sebastian Vettel- Family Time

Next to racing, I have grown a family that I love being around. I've grown into other interests outside.

Sebastian Vettel- Being Around

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My love for race and Formula One comes with lots of time away from my family, and it requires a lot of energy.

Sebastian Vettel- Formula One

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