Sergio Perez- The Result

Sergio Perez admitted that the turn that caused the Dutch Grand Prix qualifying to an early finish was the result.

It appears that the Red Bull driver was attempting to improve his fifth-place finish when he dumped his wheel into the sand.

Sergio Perez- Into The Sand

The corner with the most tense turn and turned before settling in the middle area of Zandvoort.

Sergio Perez- Zandervoot

Lewis Hamilton had been racing in a manner that could have caused trouble for Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc on the front row.

Sergio Perez- Front Row

It was a shame," Perez said. Perez. "I was doing a decent lap, and when I was putting on the revs.

Sergio Perez- On The Revs

It was three-tenths [of a second betteron my previous record and I could have gotten an additional tenth.

Sergio Perez- Additional Tenth

Sergio Perez- The Race

Image Source- The Phinsider, DraftKings Nation

It is what it is and tomorrow, hopefully, I am able to have a strong start and just go with the lead early on and be in the fight for the race."

Perez is struggling to impress in Zandvoort and teammate Verstappen in front by a wide margin during the training sessions.

Sergio Perez- Training Session 

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