Seth Curry- NBA Star Brother

Seth Curry began his career as Steph Curry's younger brother. Seth Curry was signed by the Golden State.

Seth made a name for his self with the Sacramento Kings in 2016, shooting at 45% from deep.

Seth Curry- Sacramento Kings

Seth Curry- Of Work Hard

It took Seth years of hard work to make himself a valued NBA player and not just Steph's brother.

Seth is now more comfortable being an opponent than a teammate, having done this successfully.

Seth Curry- More Comfortable

You never know what lies ahead. When asked about Steph's playing, I would not be against it.

Seth Curry- Lies Around

However, it's definitely not my preference to be on the same side as him. Being a younger brother.

Seth Curry- Being Younger

Seth Curry is the 3rd best three-point shooter in NBA history, shooting just under 44% from downtown.

Seth Curry- Three Point Shooter

Seth Curry is no longer viewed as Steph's younger brother. He was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Seth Curry- No Longer Viewed

Image Source- NBC Sports

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