Shaquille Leonard- Good Shape

The 2022 season may be the first to see an ankle that is in good shape in Colts All-Pro linebacker Shaquille Leonard.

Leonard who was practicing on Wednesday for the very first time in since the end of last season.

Shaquille Leonard- Last Season

Lower-body pain has enabled him as pain free and painless for the very first time since his debut season in the 2018.

Shaquille Leonard- Season In 2018

Following Colts General Manager Chris Ballard on Wednesday said Leonard felt uncomfortable since the beginning of 2019.

Shaquille Leonard- Beingnning of 2021

They said '19? I would say '18," Leonard stated. "If you think about 2018, Week 4 against Houston.

Shaquille Leonard- Against Houstan

I rolled an ankle and sat out Week 5 against the Patriots and came back against the Jets, and you notice.

Shaquille Leonard- You Notice

Shaquille Leonard- I Feel Now

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

I've had it taped up ever since. So, it's been a minute since I've felt the way I feel now.

Leonard had an ankle operation in the prior 2021 campaign but was greatly impacted by constant discomfort throughout the season.

Shaquille Leonard- The Season

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