Shaquille Leonard- During June

Shaquille Leonard was back after missing the entirety of camp because of an injury to his back which necessitated surgery during June.

Leonard been on the list, he'd been forced to miss the beginning of Indianapolis the season.

Shaquille Leonard- The Season

 But the director of football Frank Reich noted in mid-August that just because he's been activated and in the game doesn't mean that he's 100%.

Shaquille Leonard- Frank Reich

Reich stated on August. 18 through ESPN. "This is what happens to everyone. Every great player.

Shaquille Leonard - Great Player

Before we go into the predictions I'm making, allow me to outline the way things will take place I'll look over each division.

Shaquille Leonard- Each Division

After you've gone through the divisional portion of my predictions.

Shaquille Leonard- Prediction

Shaquille Leonard- Super Bowl

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

. In the last four seven seasons, I've chosen the AFC team that went on to play at the Super Bowl.

Last seven years the preseason Super Bowl pick has ended in winning the entire game and you'll be interested to scroll down.

Shaquille Leonard- Scroll Down

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