Shaquille O’Neal- Kevin Durant

A month after the Celtics were announced as potential suitors for Kevin Durant sweepstakes.

An NBA legend who was a player for Boston will make his opinions about the subject of Trade.

Shaquille O’Neal- NBA Legend

Shaquille O’Neal- The Concept

In an performance on "Rich Eisen Show," Shaquille O'Neal swiftly snubbed the concept.

The Hall of Fame center denounced Durant for his decision to quit the Nets which Durant played.

Shaquille O’Neal- Hall of Fame

An important hand in constructing and comparing his move request to a decision to leave a brand new home.

Shaquille O’Neal- Important Hand

When you put a house together, you should live in it," O'Neal stated. "You were the person who appointed.

Shaquille O’Neal- Appointed

 As an administrator, must achieve this, but if you're not keen on making it work, so you'll go out.

Shaquille O’Neal- Administrator

Image Source- Sportskeeda

The Celtics first push to acquire Durant offered a package of trade that included Jaylen Brown.

Shaquille O’Neal- Package Offered

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