Shareef Ol'Neal was just 6 months old when Shaquille O’Neal, his father, won the first of three championships for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Shareef O' Neal- Was 6 Months Old

However, O'Neal's younger brother was not allowed to report to the Lakers practice area for a pre-draft workout Tuesday.

Shareef O' Neal- Younger Brother

O'Neal, 22, stated that "we kind of bump heads regarding this process." He wanted me to continue in school.

Shareef O' Neal- Kind of Bump Head

his was a way for me to improve myself. He knows that I work out with other people. We haven't spoken about it.

Shareef O' Neal- To Improve

It's a process that I am just going through. He didn't do any predraft exercises; he just started the [ Orlando Magic] so it's a new grind.

Shareef O' Neal- Predraft Exercises

O'Neal comes off a difficult college career that saw him play just 37 games in three seasons with UCLA, LSU.

Image Source- New York Post

Shareef O' Neal- College Career

His averages of 2.6 point on 40.5% from floor, 3.0 rebound and 0.4 blocks are a far cry from his father.

Image Source- The Spun

Shareef O' Neal- Assists & Rebounds

O'Neal said, "I know it will always be there. The comparison." "Every child is going to be compared to their father.

Shareef O' Neal- What His Father Said

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