Sidney Crosby- Recent Weeks

Throughout recent weeks, the eventual fate of the huge three in Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin.

The way gotten a little with the re-marking free from Letang who will stay with the Penguins.

Sidney Crosby- Remarking Free

Sidney Crosby- Hangs Tight

While Malkin actually hangs tight for his arrangement, what is Crosby's opinion about his future?

As indicated by Josh Yohe of the Athletic, Crosby needs to play an additional six years, too.

Sidney Crosby- Needs to Play

Crosby has three years staying on his ongoing agreement and expecting he keeps on playing.

Sidney Crosby- Three Year Staying

The ongoing Crosby contract closes in 2025 and assuming that he believes an additional three years.

Sidney Crosby- Contract Closes

The following domino to succumb to the Penguins must be the Malkin arrangement and everybody needs.

Sidney Crosby- Everybody Needs

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Letang got texts from Malkin and Letang answered saying "I genuinely want to believe that you finish.

Sidney Crosby- Got Texts

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