Snap Inc. ( , NYSE:SNAP), makes use of debt. Is this debt a problem for shareholders?

SNAP Stock- Make use of Debt

SNAP Stock- Debt in the March

Snap's debt at March 2022 was US$3.74b. This is an increase of US$2.25b in a single year.

Its balance sheet indicates that it has US$5.00b cash. This means it actually has US$1.26b cash.

SNAP Stock- Balance Sheet

Snap's most recent balance sheet shows that it had US$842.8m in liabilities that were due within one year.

SNAP Stock- In the Liabilities

It also had US$5.00b cash and US$941.7m receivables due within twelve months. It can therefore boast US$560.8m of liquid assets.

SNAP Stock- Twelve Months

Snap's surplus indicates that it has a conservative balance sheet and could likely eliminate its debt easily.

SNAP Stock- Surplus Indicate

When analyzing debt, the most important area to examine is the balance sheet of the company.

SNAP Stock- Analyzing Debt

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The future profitability of Snap will ultimately decide whether Snap can improve its balance sheet.

SNAP Stock- Future Profitable

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