Sony to Buy Square Enix

According to research firm Newzoo, the global gaming market will rise to $223 billion by 2024 from $193 billion last year.

Sony isn’t done shopping. In January, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said it planned to buy more studios. 

Sony to Buy More Studios

Sony to Buy Square Enix- Why

Square Enix is a perfect fit for Sony. It owns franchises that have generations of fans of releases: Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy has sold over 160 million units over its life time—and Dragon Quest, with over 80 million units sold. 

Final Fantasy Game- 160 Million

Sony to Buy Square Enix- Here is the Key Fact

Square Enix would also be a great complement for Sony’s new strategic goal to make more live-services titles or games.

Sony and Square Enix did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the possibility of a buyout. 

Sony to Buy More Studios- Company Response

Sony to Buy Square Enix- A Merger

A merger wouldn’t break the bank, either, for Sony. Square Enix has a market value of roughly $5 billion.

The company announced it had agreed to sell several studios and intellectual properties—including Tomb Raider.

Sony to Buy More Studios- Square Enix Prepare

Sony to Buy Square Enix- Swipe Up!!!

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