There was a time when in a place along the Mississippi River, a team of baseball players rarely failed to make it.

Copenhagen Mall- Suspect Arrested

They honored their faithful, chippy fans with the bounty of full autumn, achieving 9 postseasons, and winning World Series twice.

Copenhagen Mall- Took Place on Sunday

They were referred to for their nickname, the St. Louis Cardinals, and they already appeared to be an actual team.

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In an era of fluctuations, Cardinals in the form of peaks and valleys or through the tanking technique.

Copenhagen Mall- Injuries & Deaths

Cardinals are among the rare team that has kept an unbroken streak of intensity.

Copenhagen Mall- Walking Out

A decade after what seemed like an end of the road that was a swan song, the Cardinals entered 2022.

Copenhagen Mall- Four Wounded

Three roster spots of 26 are devoted in large part to Yadier Molina, who is on the Yoda stage.

Copenhagen Mall- Detained for Shots

The Cardinals Magic began as an amusing joke but has been proven to have effects on a variety of occasions.

Copenhagen Mall- No Evidence

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Image Source- Viva El Birdos