Green Bay Packers- Training Camp

This portion of the NFL training camp schedule might be described as "joint practice season".

The team on Tuesday was players from the New Orleans Saints traveled to Wisconsin to practice.

Green Bay Packers- To Practice

Green Bay Packers- Collaborating

It was a great day for the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings will also be collaborating this week.

In addition to providing an possibility for teams to train against each other and to practice together.

Green Bay Packers- To Train Against

But in all of the Practice Sessions, the one which we are awaiting to see is between the Packets & Saints.

Green Bay Packers- Practice Sessions

Joint practices can also be a source of fierce competition between the starters and players during the NFL Season.

Green Bay Packers- Fierce Competition

Joint practice proved just about everything regarding the character and character of The Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay Packers- The Characters

Green Bay Packers- Drove Home

Image Source- Canal Street Chronicles

The 2nd session of Tuesday's training against the New Orleans Saints drove home this point.

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