Starbucks plans to close 16 Starbucks locations in various cities. The reason? safety concerns.

Starbucks- Closing 16 Stores

Starbucks- CNN Business

CNN Business spokesperson said in an email that they had closed some stores at locations.

It had experienced high volumes of challenging incidents, which made it unsafe to continue operating.

Starbucks- Challenging Incidents

They are located in Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Portland, Oregon.

Starbucks- Locations of Stores

This decision is made as Starbucks attempts to change its company culture under interim CEO Howard Schultz.

Starbucks- Attempt to Change

Employees "see firsthand the challenges facing communities -- personal safety and racism, lack of access to healthcare.

Starbucks- Communities

The company offers active shooter training to make employees feel more secure in the store, according to their writing.

Starbucks- Shooting Training

The letter also stated that it offers mental health benefits, access to abortion care and clarity around shifts.

Starbucks- Health Benefits

Image Source-NBC Los Angeles, CNN

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