A few weeks after Starbucks employees at Ithaca, New York voted to join the union and the business.

Starbucks News- Employees

It was announced within one week's notice that the store located at College Avenue in Ithaca will be closed.

Starbucks News- One Week Notice

Starbucks said that the closure was not related to unionization, and resulted from a malfunction in the chain of grease.

Starbucks News- Not Related to Union

The issue is only one of many disputes that new unionized workers are likely to face in the next few months.

Starbucks News- Other Disputes

Starbucks employees have led an unprecedented series of union victories against a ferocious protests.

Starbucks News- Union Won 

The next step is of negotiating a contract as well as moving ahead with a business determined to stifle the union movement.

Starbucks News- Contract Negotiations

Evan Sunshine, a barista at the Starbucks in Ithaca that was shut down, interprets the closing as an extension.

Starbucks News- Was Shut Down

"It's an excellent property and there's no reason to allow the business to be shut down.

Starbucks News- Excellent Property

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