Stefon Diggs- Buffalo Bills

Stefon Diggs has been working hard to establish his own brand off the field, and businesses across Buffalo.

In the United States, Diggs has signed with SAXX Underwear Company. Diggs is along with his brother Trevon who plays cornerback.

Stefon Diggs- Cornerback

Diggs recently signed a sponsorship agreement in partnership with M&T Bank, building on his relationships.

Stefon Diggs- Sponsorship

Stefon is as blue chip as you can get," said Francesco Lagutaine, chief marketing and communications officer at M&T.

Stefon Diggs- Officer At M&T

The days of Diggs being seen to be a tyrant after having expressed his displeasure at his position in the Minnesota Vikings.

Stefon Diggs- Vikings

 Diggs in the fifth round of the draft in 2015. The team traded him in the offseason of 2020 with the Bills.

Stefon Diggs- The Bills

Stefon Diggs- Star Reciever

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

This was an important decision for an Bills team that's had three playoff games in the last two seasons under the star receiver.

Diggs who is 28, is as marketable as can be, with the style, looks and fashion sense that are in line with the Pro Bowl numbers.

Stefon Diggs- Pro Bowl Number

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