Kyrie Irving asked Stephen A. Smith to clarify himself in a tweet which could be better explained.

Stephen A Smith- Kyrie Irving

Smith has been consistently in his criticism of Irving particularly since Irving was the Nets point guard decided to skip games.

Stephen A Smith- In Criticism

"You're gonna have to explain yourself to people in your generation," Irving tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

Stephen A Smith- Explain to People

The question of whether Irving was referring to a particular piece of material from Smith isn't clear.

Stephen A Smith- Who is He Referring

This week and did however upload a video that reacted in response to Irving's $36.5 million commitment.

Stephen A Smith- Commitment for Team

"What is the significance of that? To you all, it means that Kyrie will become the next Brooklyn Nets.

Stephen A Smith- Quite Significant

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Smith kept harping like he has often, about Irving being required to show on time to work in order to earn money.

Stephen A Smith- Is He Required

Image Source- Jsonline

It's funny how karma operates does it not it? I guess he's also a peon as everyone else. We'll see you in Brooklyn!.

Stephen A Smith- Is it a Karma

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