Stephen Curry- Signing Them

Stephen Curry threw a Korean fan's LeBron shoes to the sidelines, before handing the SC30s to him and signing them.

Stephen Curry is widely regarded as one the best shooters in NBA history. He was the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Stephen Curry- 2009 NBA Draft

He was drafted by the Golden State Warriors and helped to create a modern NBA dynasty, which would win four NBA championships.

Stephen Curry- NBA Championships

Curry is still one of the greatest point guards ever, despite his injuries in the last few years.

Stephen Curry- Last Few Years

Curry is the son of ex-NBA player Dell Curry and is well known for his generous spirit and gregarious family.

Stephen Curry- Dell Curry

Steph Curry started his career at Nike in 2009. He later moved to Under Armour. After becoming a brand ambassador.

Stephen Curry- Brand Ambassador

 Steph Curry signed his signature shoe line after two years. That collaboration was responsible for the creation.

Stephen Curry- The Creation

Stephen Curry- Sneaker Tour

Image Source- SI.COM, Golden State of Mind

Curry has a huge fan base all around the globe and is able to show his popularity in the game on a sneaker tour.

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