Stephen Curry won his first Finals MVP award after winning four NBA championships.

Stephen Curry- First Final MVP

After leading a series sweep of the Boston Celtics, the Golden State Warriors' star was named MVP for the 2022 NBA Finals.

Stephen Curry- Leading a Series

The Game 6 was won by the Warriors , 103-90. Curry was unanimously selected by the 11 voting media members.

Stephen Curry- Game 6 Won

Curry ended the game with 34 points and seven rebounds, and seven assists. This caps a series where he averaged 31.2 point.

Stephen Curry- Scored 34 Points

Curry signaled for his ring at the end of the third quarter after the Warriors fell behind in Game 6.

Stephen Curry- Was Signaled for the Ring

Curry also won the first Magic Johnson Western Conference MVP. He was awarded All-NBA Second Team honors.

Image Source- CBS Sport

Stephen Curry- Western Conference MVP

He had led the team in scoring (156) by more than 50 percent and contributed 38 assists to the team.

Image Source- Sporting News

Stephen Curry- More than 50 Percent

He was awarded All-NBA Second Team honors for his efforts to return to the NBA summit.

Stephen Curry- All NBA Second Team

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