In the wake of winning his fourth NBA title as part of the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry was clear.

Stephen Curry- Wake of Winning

Curry was being seen with his family in the famous Santa Clara, Calif. amusement park on Wednesday.

Stephen Curry- Amusement Park

Like all successful athletes But, like any successful athlete, Curry kept his eye at the prize.

Stephen Curry- Successful Athlete

s if being an MVP award in 2022's Finals was not enough, he chose to go for toys in Great America's three-point.

Stephen Curry- MVP Award 2022

The task appears to be simple for Curry since in the end, Curry is the exact player who hit the 105 consecutive 3-pointers in a game.

Stephen Curry- SImple for Him

Many videos of Curry's enjoyable time at an amusement park surfaced on social media platforms.

Image Source- Spot My Sport

Stephen Curry- Many Videos on Media

Some even showed one of the top shooting players of NBA history missing a few baskets.

Image Source- Sporting News

Stephen Curry- Top Shooting Player

Curry, the Golden State star decided to take to social media to explain what transpired.

Stephen Curry- Golden State Star

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