After securing yet another NBA title with the Golden State Warriors in June their fourth win in 8 years.

Stephen Curry- Securing Yet

Stephen Curry- Final Champion

Finals Champion Steph Curry for relaxing during the winter months. However, this isn't Curry's style.

On Wednesday, Curry will take on stage in L.A.'s Dolby Theater as the host of the 2022 ESPY Awards.

Stephen Curry- Dolby Theater

"It just sounded amazing," Curry says to The Hollywood Reporter of the reasons he decided to accept.

Stephen Curry- Hollywood Reporter

"I respect the ESPYs and the honor of what the show is, and thought it would be a very cool experience.

Stephen Curry- Honor of

However, before officially signing as a player, Curry sought guidance from two prominent personalities.

Stephen Curry- Officially Signing

Both of them spoke positively and enthusiastically about the experience and the amount of enjoyment.

Stephen Curry- Spoke Positively

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Given this opportunity I knew that it was on my radar prior to the start of the playoffs.

Stephen Curry- Opportunity

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When Madden announces its annual player ratings, it draws the attention of the whole NFL world...

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