Stephen Curry- Was Mature

Warriors' Stephen Curry was very mature in his outlook towards being underpaid, despite being awarded MVP.

Stephen Curry was selected 7th overall at the time of the 2009 NBA Draft to play for.

Stephen Curry- Overall Draft Pick

Stephen Curry- Successful Sessions

Following back-to-back successful seasons with Davidson the team, it came as an upsetting decision.

Steph was snubbed for the 7th spot. But, he kept his cool and showed us just how great the guy is.

Stephen Curry- 7th Spot

Steph underwent surgery on his right ankle. He only played in 26 games during the lockout period.

Stephen Curry- Gone for Surgery

The result was a lot of doubt in the Warriors' organization after they gave him a four-year $44 million contract.

Stephen Curry- $44 Million Contract

Many criticized this as a rash decision on the Warrior's part. But, Steph became the first player for MVP.

Stephen Curry- Rash Decision

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He followed that up with becoming the first ever unanimous MVP and also setting the NBA record.

Stephen Curry- Unanimous MVP

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