Stephen Curry- Basketball Player

Stephen Curry might be one of the most successful basketball players ever considers himself Golf Nerd.

In addition to being an all-time legend, Stephen Curry is among the most influential athletes in the sports.

Stephen Curry- All Time Legend

Stephen Curry- The Sharpshooter

Since the sharpshooter who is 6 feet 3 inches first stepped foot onto the NBA hardwood Finals.

As the most effective markman to ever play the game, Steph has racked up one of the most impressive lists.

Stephen Curry- Effective Markman

Baby-Faced Axe's lengthy list of accomplishments includes eight All-Star and 8 All-NBA selections.

Stephen Curry- Lengthy List

Through his contracts and being the smart businessman he has become, SC30 has created a huge amount.

Stephen Curry- Smart Businessman

Steph used this $160 million fortune for the purpose of providing equity, access, and opportunity" through Golf Course.

Stephen Curry- Using His Fortune

Stephen Curry- Talented Youngsters

Image Source- USA Today

I am aware that there are talented youngsters that are overlooked because it's a costly sport.

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