Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is frequently copied, seldom duplicated, and never surpassing.

Curry & James- Never Surpassing

Curry & James- - Basketball Players

Curry displayed his love to a basketball player in his early years who was able to take his "night night" celebration.

After shooting a jump shot the kid falls to the ground and pretends to be the sound of sleeping on his mattress.

Curry & James- - Shooting a Jump

This was an elevated version of Curry playing the role of sleeping after he sunk the huge shot against the Boston Celtics.

Curry & James- - Elevated Version

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has also voiced his opinion and blamed Curry for launching an unpopular trend.

Curry & James- - Los Angeles Lakes

James tweeted "You see what you started" at Curry. One NBA player wasn't happy over the child's joyous celebration.

Curry & James- Joyous Celebration

Curry's teammate Andre Iguodala, said he would force the kid to run laps to taunt the opponent.

Curry & James- His Teammates

When Curry is and James are willing to join in with the kid's enthusiasm and are happy, that's all that counts.

Curry & James- Kids Enthusiasm

Image Source-Complex

Baltimore Ravens has signed these two players for the upcoming NFL Season. Hope they will keep up the pace.

Baltimore Ravens has Tried its Luck By