In three games, Curry is averaging 31 points, based on almost 49% shooting from three-point range.

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Curry was averaging 25.5 scores per contest with 38% shooting in the regular season which is one of the best stats.

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This is a typical scheme used in the NBA but it creates problems when trying to defend Curry.

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Curry was unable to catch the ball however it was the kind of look that defenses will never give Curry.

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Stephen Curry was averaging more than thirty points per contest, and scoring more than 50% of his threes.

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Many fans have been worried about the worst following an incident in the face of Al Horford in Game 3 of the 2022 NBA.

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Fortunately to Curry as well as the Warriors it was announced that the game would be played on 4.

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Celtics were the No. #1 defence of the NBA this season, but their plan of attack against Stephen Curry in the Finals is puzzling.

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