Steve Bannon- Former Strategist

The former White House strategist Steve Bannon was found guilty for contempt in Congress on Friday.

Described the longtime Donald Trump aide's in defiance of the House committee's request for documents.

Steve Bannon- Donald Trump

Steve Bannon- Federal Court

The jury in the federal court deliberated for less than three hours prior to it handed down.

At the courts, Bannon declared that the judge "respected" the verdict of the jury, but said he would appeal.

Steve Bannon- The Verdict

"We may have lost the battle here today, but we haven't lost the war," he said to reporters.

Steve Bannon- Lost The Battle

"You will see this case reversed on appeal," Shoen said and described his case as "bulletproof."

Steve Bannon- Case Reversed

The prosecutors demanded conviction, claiming Bannon "chose allegiance to Donald Trump" over the obligation.

Steve Bannon- Conviction

Image Source- NBC News

"The defendant made a deliberate decision not to comply," Assistant U.S. Attorney Molly Gaston.

Steve Bannon- Delibrate Decision

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