The team announced Friday that Steve Clifford has signed a deal to be the Charlotte Hornets' coach. He will return for a second term.

Steve Clifford- Team Announced

Clifford, who led his team to two playoff appearances during a five-year streak that ended in 2018.

Steve Clifford- Team to Two Playoffs

Kenny Atkinson's decision to accept the Charlotte job. He decided instead to stay with The Warriors.

Steve Clifford- Decision to be Coach

Clifford had an excellent working relationship with Michael Jordan, the Hornets' owner.

Steve Clifford- Excellent Playing

He fit the description of what Jordan wanted for his young roster: a coach that could improve their defensive play.

Steve Clifford- Young Rosters

Clifford is highly respected by his peers in coaching and for maximising the talent of his rosters in Charlotte.

Image Source- Swarm and Sting

Steve Clifford- Highly Respected

His track record includes maximising players' talents and helping them develop their skills.

Image Source- CBS Sports

Steve Clifford- His Track Record

Steve will continue to play at the same offensive pace as the fans have come to expect over the past few years.

Steve Clifford- Offensive Pace

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