Steven Kwan- Greatest Catcher

Guardians fielder Steven Kwan paid a physical cost, but came to one of the greatest catchers in the major leagues this season.

He did a dive into the stands and snatched the ball from the Seattle's Cal Raleigh in the fifth innings on Friday.

Steven Kwan- Fifth Inning On Friday

Kwan ran towards his left-field line with maximum speed, and caught a dive catch when he crashed into seats.

Steven Kwan- Crashed Into Seats

 Kwan emerged from the horde of bodies and then tossed the ball back towards the infield.

Steven Kwan- Toward Infield

Carlos Santana and Adam Frazier caught him and moved to third and second place on the play.

Steven Kwan- Place On The Play

Kwan fell to the ground in a tense position, clutching his back as his trainers as well as manager Terry Francona rushed to his assistance.

Steven Kwan- Terry Francona

After a few minutes the rookie, who was 24 years old, remained on the field.

Steven Kwan- 24 Year Old

Steven Kwan- Hit By Josh Naylor

Image Source-, Cleveland

He opened the sixth inning by hitting one hit and scored with a sacrifice fly hit by Josh Naylor to give Cleveland the lead of just one.

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