T-Mobile- Secuity Breach

T-Mobile US has settled litigation in connection with a cyberattack from in the year 2000.

The company agreed to spend $350million in addition to spending another $150 million to improve data security.

T-Mobile- Company Agreed

T-Mobile- Settlement Proposed

The settlement proposed in the federal court of Kansas City, Missouri, requires the approval of a judge.

T-Mobile revealed the breach in month in August. At first, 47 million current, past and potential customers.

T-Mobile- Potential Customers

T-Mobile announced that its probe revealed 26 million customers with personal data that was leaked.

T-Mobile- Announced Probe

T-Mobile has denied all wrongdoings, specifically, denying claims that it did not have adequate security of data.

T-Mobile- Wrongedoings

The company claims that the data contained names, addresses, birth dates driver's license details.

T-Mobile- Data Revealed

Image Source- Wall Street Journal

Friday's settlement included all of the nation's litigation, which included at least 44 class-action lawsuits.

T-Mobile- Actions & Lawsuits

Image Source- 9to5 Mac

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