It wasn't much time for Tampa Bay Lightning to get on the scoreboard in the fourth game in the Stanley Cup.

Tampa Bay Lightning- On Scoreboard

The Bolts were able to take the lead in just 36 seconds in, with the goal creating a stir in social media.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Lead in 36 Sec

Lightning forward Anthony Cirelli put a rebound to the goal over Darcy Kuemper, & the goal was questioned.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Rebound to Goal

This is because goals counted even after Kuemper's mask had fallen off. Avalanche goalie's mask fell off.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Mask had Fallen

It's due to the fact that, according to Rule 9.6: "When a goalkeeper is missing his mask and/or helmet.

Tampa Bay Lightning- As per Rule 9.6

the team opposing him is in control of their puck, the game can be stopped only when there is no scoring chance.

Image Source- Sporting News

Tampa Bay Lightning- Control of Puck

Kuemper was still wearing his mask in place at the time Lightning forward Alex Killorn first shot.

Image Source- WKRG

Tampa Bay Lightning- Wearing Mask

Kuemper's mask was knocked off by the subsequent shot and Cirelli was quick to take advantage.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Knocked Off

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