Tata Motors unveils EV Concept TATA Curvv SUV

Tata Motors has unveiled its new electric SUV - Concept CURVV, with enhanced driving range and technology.

TATA Curvv SUV- Comes with Stylish Design

With CURVV, it aims to cater to the consumers who seek "individuality and design differentiation".

TATA Curvv SUV= Launching Within 2 years

The auto major plans to introduce the electric version of the coupe-style SUV first, within two years.

TATA Curvv SUV- Coupe Body Design

What is being showcased "is a coupe body style complete with SUV characteristics", MD Shailesh Chandra told PTI.

TATA Curvv SUV- New Architecture Design

Tata Curvv EV Coupe adores the brand's signature design philosophy and is based on the new Gen 2 architecture.

TATA Curvv SUV- Other Popular EVs

Tata Motors currently sells three electric models -- Nexon EV, Tigor EV and Xpres-T EV -- in the domestic market.

TATA Curvv SUV= Longer than Nexon EV

The new Tata Curvv EV Coupe Concept is also longer than the subcompact Nexon EV and will likely measures at around 4.3 metre.

TATA Curvv SUV- Progressive EV Products

The company says it has adopted a three-step approach to introduce progressively advanced electric products.

TATA Curvv SUV- 2 Gen Architecture

With Concept CURVV, the auto major is now moving to the generation 2 architecture. which is quite appreciative.

TATA Curvv SUV- 500kms Range

TATA CURVV SUV is looking at a driving range of 400-500 kms with a fast charging option.

TATA Curvv SUV- Interactive Interface

It also promises interactive and intuitive interfaces, quicker response, and technologically advanced features.


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