After an impressive start to an upset in the wild card round against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2020 NFL playoffs.

Taylor Heinicke- Wild Card Round

The Washington Commanders signed quarterback Taylor Heinicke to a two-year extension.

Taylor Heinicke- Washington Commanders

Washington thought of Heinicke as a potential backup, and they hired the veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to start in 2021.

Taylor Heinicke- As a Potential Backup

 But Fitzpatrick was injured during the second third of Week 1. Suddenly, Heinicke was Washington's No. 1 quarterback.

Taylor Heinicke- Injured During the Season

Heinicke did a great job and led Washington to a 7-8 mark during his 15 games. If Washington's running style was performing.

Taylor Heinicke- Lead Washington to Mark

While He performed well during his audition for the season in the fall and Head Coach Ron Rivera made it clear.

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Taylor Heinicke- Performed Well

Then, in March Washington swapped for Carson Wentz Then Heinicke was once again an alternate quarterback.

Image Source- Hogs Haven

Taylor Heinicke- Washington Swapped For

Wharton picked Heinicke for Washington and said the Commanders would be receiving the fifth round pick in exchange.

Taylor Heinicke- Fofth Round Pick

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