Taylor Swift Speech- Shared her Critisism

Taylor Swift rose to fame at the age of 16 when her debut album was released and has faced her share of criticism.

On Wednesday, the pop superstar imparted several “life hacks” to the fresh graduates of New York University (NYU).

Taylor Swift Speech- Life Hacks

Taylor Swift Speech- Honorary Doctorate

Taylor Swift also received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from NYU in the Yankee Stadium.

Recounting lessons from her 15-year long career, Swift said, “learn to live alongside cringe”. 

Taylor Swift Speech- Lesson from her Career

Taylor Swift Speech- Key Speech Highlight

No matter how hard you try to avoid being cringe, you will look back on your life and cringe retrospectively,” Taylor Swift Said

she indirectly touched upon the backlash she faced after her infamous phone call with Kanye West was made public

Taylor Swift Speech- Her backlash

Taylor Swift Speech- Speech Went Viral

After her speech went viral, many ‘Swifties’—as Taylor Swift fans are known—soon began trending “Dr. Taylor Swift” on Twitter.

Before the commencement ceremony, Swift had posted a small video on her Instagram account that showed her getting ready.

Taylor Swift Speech- Instagram Video

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