Former Pro Football Hall Of Famer Terry Bradshaw posted an interview on social media expressing his displeasure.

Terry Bradshaw- Hall of Famer

Terry Bradshaw- Pittsburg Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers legend, and "Fox NFL Sunday" co-host and analyst, is in central Illinois for a horse race.

Bradshaw describes his family's trip into his local Walmart near Springfield to buy the bicycle.

Terry Bradshaw- Local Walmart Store

"We couldn't get anyone to wait on us at the store," Bradshaw stated on the clip. "We stopped three people.

Terry Bradshaw- A Video Clip

Would you help us buy this bike?' We picked it out, we even eventually got it down from the top just by trial.

Terry Bradshaw- Buy a Bike

After having managed to remove Kaydence's bike off his rack Bradshaw stated that they eventually found an employee.

Terry Bradshaw- An Employee

The Employee contacted customer service for assistance, but they were not able to help.

Terry Bradshaw- Customer Service


His wife Tammy was also unhappy about the absence of assistance in buying the hair dryer.

Terry Bradshaw- Absence of Assistance

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