The Washington Commanders as well as Terry McLaurin, the wide receiver, have reportedly signed an extension.

Terry McLaurin- Signed Extension

His contract for three years that could be with a value of up to $71 million, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Terry McLaurin- Contract Three Years

Schefter also said that the deal comes with a $28 million signing bonus that is "the largest given to any wide receiver.

Terry McLaurin- $28 Million Signing

The contract will make McLaurin among the five highest-paid wide receivers according to Schefter.

Terry McLaurin- Highest Paid

Washington chose McLaurin as the 76th selection during the 2018 NFL draft, which was drafted by Ohio State.

Terry McLaurin- Drafted by Ohio State

McLaurin quickly became the top wideout for the team in his rookie season, registering the team's highest.

Image Source- Ebonybird

Terry McLaurin- Top Wideout

McLaurin was about to enter the final calendar year under his initial contract entering the final year of his rookie.

Image Source- NFL

Terry McLaurin- Final Calendar Year

Other teams were also considering McLaurin as a possible trade partner if talks on extension failed, as per Standing on April 4.

Terry McLaurin- Possible Trade Partner

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