Washington Commandos head coach Ron Rivera viewed receiver Terry McLaurin as much more than an athlete.

Terry McLaurin- Commanders

He was a major player in an organization that was seeking to restore its image after the congressional probe.

Terry McLaurin- One of the Major Player

"He's an organizational signator," Rivera said. "It has an impact not just on the football aspect but also the business.

Terry McLaurin- Football Aspect

We are telling people we want to keep young men of this caliber We want the best young men.

Terry McLaurin- Best Young Men

Congress is currently looking into Washington the owner Dan Snyder since October. The hearing was held on June 22.

Terry McLaurin- Congress Hearing

Members of the House Oversight committee's Democratic leadership is continuing to negotiate with Snyder.

Terry McLaurin- House Oversight

The constant roar of the congressional report has overshadowed other on-field organizational information.

Terry McLaurin- Overshadowed

When McLaurin did not attend the voluntary on-field OTA work, followed by the three-day minicamp.

Terry McLaurin- Minicamp Tour

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