Tesla Cybertruck- Eln Musk

Tesla President Elon Musk has stated that the company is hoping to begin delivering the Cybertruck.

This is a more precise time frame than the one Musk previously announced at the quarter's earnings conference.

Tesla Cybertruck- Time Frame

Tesla Cybertruck- The Truck

Tesla initially revealed the truck in the year 2019 when it first announced the truck.

Musk delayed the announcement to "hopefully" next year during the Q4 earnings conference.

Tesla Cybertruck- Announcement

Meanwhile, rivals such as Ford as well as Rivian are announced electronic pickups of their own.

Tesla Cybertruck- Electronic

The company appears to have had difficulties making this design safe to use in the real world.

Tesla Cybertruck- Difficulties

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Musk didn't elaborate on the things Tesla was left to accomplish in order to bring the Cybertruck in the field.

Tesla Cybertruck- To Accomplish

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But Tesla has had production issues even with its current Model S, X, 3, and Y models over the last months.

Tesla Cybertruck- Current Model

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