Texas President- Jon Daniels

A couple of days following the team fired director Chris Woodward, the Rangers dismissed Jon Daniels.

Their president of baseball operations The team announced it on Wednesday.

Texas President- Baseball Operation

Texas President- Rangers In 2020

 General and executive vice president director Chris Young, who joined the Rangers in 2020.

Jon's achievements in his 17 years as the head of our baseball operations department are numerous,"

Texas President- 17 Years

He along with his team have put together some of the best teams this franchise has ever had which resulted.

Texas President- Together Some

I feel a change of leadership of the baseball operations department will be beneficial going forward.

Texas President- Going Forward

Daniels has been working for his team the Rangers since the start of the 2000s When he was first hired in 2002.

Texas President- First Hired in 2002

Texas President- 17 Yeare

Image Source- MLB

However, 17 years later, the Rangers think it's the right time to change direction.

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