Terrence Williams- Admitted Guilt

The former NBA player Terrence Williams admitted guilt to charges of aggravated identity theft as well as conspiracy.

Williams was a player within the NBA for four seasons and was the leader of 18 players who were implicated in fraud scheme.

Terrence Williams- Four Season

In the words of an indictment the indictment states that the players sent fraudulent invoices to Health benefit plan.

Terrence Williams - Helth Benfits

Williams led a scheme involving more than 18 former NBA players, a dentist, a doctor, and a chiropractor.

Terrence Williams - 18 Former NBA Players

 NBA Players' Health and Welfare Benefit Plan of millions of dollars," U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian.

Terrence Williams- New York Damian

Williams said in a statement. "Williams also impersonated others to help him take what was not his -- money that belonged to the Plan."

Terrence Williams-  Statement

Williams has also created a separate email address to threaten another physician who had created fake factures to the ex-player.

Terrence Williams - The Ex-Player

Terrence Williams- Pay Willams

Image Source-Bloomberg, Sportingnews

This account also contacted the NBA to ensure that the doctor was able to pay Williams.

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