Ben Simmons is chosen with the Philadelphia 76ers with the top pick of the 2015 NBA Draft.

Russell Wilson- Denver Broncos

With Joel Embiid as the 6-foot-10 guard with phenomenal court vision the 76ers believed.

Russell Wilson- National Football League

It is clear that this the vision didn't come to fruition. There were early signs of Simmons his lack of commitment.

Russell Wilson- Acquire in March

He was content living the lifestyle of fame that the NBA offered him, and use his divine talents to play.

Russell Wilson- Colorado & Others

On contrary there were moments when Simmons appeared to be Magic Johnson and everyone all was unaware.

Russell Wilson- Enjoy Wimbledon

Additionally, Simmons is an elite defense player, and through dominating one side of the ball.

Russell Wilson- Rookie Spotted

He was three-time All-Star and was named to his way to the NBA First team All-Defense twice.

Russell Wilson- Hopes are High

While hindsight can be 20/20, and we love to focus on the negative but in reality, we can't overlook talent.

Russell Wilson- Having Conversation

Image Source- The Guardian

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