Tiger Woods' British Open began with an excellent swing: a low, slender shot along the Old Course.

Tiger Woods- British Open 2022

Tiger Woods- Standard Par

It could be a standard par or perhaps an eagle if he could pull from an aggressive swing.

When he finally got to the golf ball Woods realized that he was caught in a disastrous break.

Tiger Woods- Golf Ball

The ball landed within a filthy divot, which meant he was unable to anticipate what would happen.

Tiger Woods- Unable to Anticipate

The result was the worst-case scenario. Woods struck the ball in a chunk and it resulted on the Swilcan Burn.

Tiger Woods- Worst Case Scenario

After a penalty of one stroke followed by a chip, and an unsuccessful 7-foot putt Woods left from the opening.

Tiger Woods- One Stroke Penalty

However, that's Tiger Woods we're talking about, a three-time British Open winner, with two on St. Andrews.

Tiger Woods- British Open Winner

Image Source- Golf.com

He's still in his peak, and without any tournament representatives as he recovers from a car crash 16 months ago.

Tiger Woods- Tournament Performance

Image Source- Usa Today

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