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Tiger Woods turned down an offer from Greg Norman says was "somewhere in that neighborhood" of $700 million.

In the interview during an appearance on Fox News with Tucker Carlson that aired on Monday night Norman.

Tiger Woods- An Appearance

Tiger Woods - Washington Post

The Washington Post in a story two months ago. Norman stated to the Post that the deal in June.

Woods has been against LIV Golf since late last year. He made his strongest remarks in the British Open.

Tiger Woods - LIV Golf

That number was known prior to my appointment as CEO. That's why that number was in the public domain.

Tiger Woods- Public Domain

Norman said in the Fox News interview, which took place on Sunday in Trump National in Bedminster.

Tiger Woods- In an Interview

And, look, Tiger is a needle-mover and of course you have to look at the best of the best," Norman stated.

Tiger Woods- Needle Mover

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So they first sought out Tiger prior to my appointment as the CEO. That's right, that number was probably.

Tiger Woods- As per the CEO

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