Tiger Woods- LIV Golfers

The LIV Golfers are the ones making the most noise, as they cannot be part the PGA Tournaments.

Love III said that Tiger Woods would be part of the Presidents Cup plans. "He is an advisor."

Tiger Woods- Presidents Cup

Tiger Woods- Play Anymore

He can't play anymore and it is difficult for him to travel. So he is working hard to get in shape.

Woods stressed that Love's job was to protect the team. Many were stunned by the Golfer's response.

Tiger Woods- Protect the Team

Love III shared his thoughts with the Fire Drill podcast, "I spoke to him and asked him for advice.

Tiger Woods- Shared his Thought

There are men out there who want to win the Wyndham (Championship), and there is a legal fight.

Tiger Woods- Men Out There

The game continues and I must make my pairings and my picks for the following month.

Tiger Woods- My Pairings & Picks

I need to be prepared so that the men who show up have the best chance of winning in the champioship.

Tiger Woods- The Best Chance

Image Source- Sportskeeda

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