Tiger Woods- Tech Infused League

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy have launched a new tech-infused league for golf in partnership with PGA Tour.

The league will see players compete on six three-man teams and play in 15 regular-season matches.

Tiger Woods- Season Matches

Tiger Woods- In Prime Time

The matches will be played in prime time on Monday evenings in a customized venue at a yet to be determined location.

TGL released renderings showing that the venues will have a simulator where players can hit longer shots.

Tiger Woods- Longer Shots

These matches will likely be played between January-April, with each team competing five times over the course.

Tiger Woods- Team Competing

Woods participated in just three tournaments during his recovery from the serious injuries sustained.

Tiger Woods- Three Tournaments

We don't know what his body will look like. To be able to see Tiger still show his talents on TV.

Tiger Woods- Show His Talents

Image Source- USA Today

Tiger Woods- Our Sport

Image Source- Golf Digest

Embracing technology gives us the opportunity to move our sport into primetime consistently alongside.

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